Fabs has been teaching since 2008

Fabs is also one of the partners at DeRose Method TriBeCa, check our site out!

What is it?

The DeROSE Method is amazing! 

​Simply put, it is a Method to teach individuals Techniques and Concepts that improve human performance, quality of life and accelerate personal evolution!

Professor DeRose

Professor DeRose

DeRose started teaching in 1960 at a very young age and is still teaching to this day! 

Now the DeROSE Method is global. 

There are schools in the major capitals of the world: Paris, London, Rome, Lisbon, Barcelona, São Paulo, Buenos Aires and even New York!

I was one of the founders of the DeROSE Method TriBeCa School and I remain one of the teachers and partners of it to this day!

We teach Techniques and Concepts that allow us to challange the habits everyone knows that they should not have, but could never change, to unclutter and develop the mind, to be less complicated in the way we relate to people, to re-introduce the youthful laughter and joy, in short, to live life fully in a less complicated way.

In 2009 I was handed my teaching certificate from DeRose and in 2013 I completed the certificate. Since then I have never stopped training and learning and I hope to soon start the next degree in teaching!