Training Self-Confidence

Have you ever felt that you could accom­plish any­thing, that no mat­ter what hap­pens on that meet­ing you are going to ace it, that noth­ing can knock you. That feel­ing of con­fi­dence is won­der­ful… but as good as this feel­ing can be, it is also fick­le, set­tling in on its own accord and hard­ly there when you real­ly need it….

Well, this may not that is not nec­es­sar­i­ly the case. 

I would like you to take a moment and see if you can describe the feel­ing of con­fi­dence. It is hard no? So let me try to give you a frame­work for ana­lyz­ing this feel­ing. How does your body feel? How are your lev­els of ener­gy? How are the emo­tions? How are your thoughts?

Nor­mal­ly the answers that I get are some­thing like: when I am feel­ing con­fi­dent I feel strong, I feel that my mus­cles are respon­sive, I feel alert and full of ener­gy, my emo­tions are at peace, I don’t feel stressed or wor­ried or anx­ious and my mind is sharp, clear, it is as if I do not have any stray thoughts, like i have com­plete com­mand of the issues. 

Is it pos­si­ble to train this state so that you can “switch it on” as you desire?

In my decade teach­ing the DeRose Method I have wit­nessed so many of my stu­dents doing just this and this is how we did it togeth­er. There are two parts to it and the first part is the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the stu­dent and the sec­ond was a spe­cif­ic train­ing designed to increase aware­ness and focus on this aspect. 

So let us get onto it, first­ly the stu­dent needs to do their home­work… if we are talk­ing about a sportsper­son, they need to do their phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing and train their sport. If we are talk­ing about busi­ness, then there is a need to know your sub­ject, to read and to study, to have ded­i­cat­ed some time to it. Often times we feel lack of con­fi­dence because we did not have a chance to pre­pare prop­er­ly… well, if this is the case there is not a lot of train­ing that can help with this. 

So how can the DeRose Method help out?

Well, to begin with the tech­niques of the DeRose Method are real­ly pow­er­ful and effec­tive to work on all the dif­fer­ent ele­ments of the frame­work used above: your body, your lev­els or ener­gy, your emo­tions, your men­tal focus and clar­i­ty. As you train the tech­niques, the con­fi­dence becomes a nat­ur­al consequence. 

But that does not yet mean that you can “turn on” your self con­fi­dence at will… this “switch” is some­thing that is devel­oped as you prac­tice our tech­nique of meditation. 

DISCLAIMER: I have seen many dif­fer­ence usages of the term med­i­ta­tion often times con­tra­dict­ing each oth­er and more com­mon­ly mis­in­form­ing to make a sale rather than teach­ing… So I use this term with great caution. 

When you train med­i­ta­tion one of its objec­tives is to be able to cre­ate a sta­ble con­di­tion for your body, your lev­els or ener­gy, your emo­tions, your men­tal focus and clar­i­ty. Even if you are not total­ly aware of it, the tech­nique itself is work­ing bio­log­i­cal­ly and you are earn­ing this effect. 

If you want to learn more about med­i­ta­tion see my pre­vi­ous arti­cle here: https://www.fabsmartins.com/what-is-meditation/