Hi guys,
This week I want­ed to address this real­ly inter­est­ing top­ic… Spoil­ers… on Tues­day July 5th I was walk­ing to the school and just out­side the ele­va­tor in my home was the Wall Street Jour­nal. There, on the bot­tom part of the front page was an arti­cle about how on-demand con­tent is going to gen­er­ate spoil­ers and how that could be trou­bling. It real­ly got me thinking….
Let me first start by describ­ing the con­cept of “spoil­ers”… The idea is that peo­ple feel upset when they are told the end of a story/movie/content… that being told what hap­pens at the end some­how degrades, deval­ues and breaks the expe­ri­ence of the con­tent… I myself have not enjoyed know­ing who wins an F1 race and MotoGP race, for exam­ple… know­ing who wins the race some­how could degrades the expe­ri­ence of watch­ing the race…. OK so this is”spoiler”….
A real­ly inter­est­ing con­cept in my view… how­ev­er, there is one mas­sive ele­ment which, to me, makes spoil­ing problematic. 
This is real­ly impor­tant as it will influ­ence your entire life! (ok, I may be a lit­tle dra­mat­ic at times, but I feel that this is that impor­tant). Ok, so this is how it goes…. The end does not matter!

What?! What do you mean the end does not matter? 

It does not… when you go from point A to point B (watch a race, movie, series, book, trade deal, any­thing!), point B is irrel­e­vant. Nah… that can­not be….. real­ly? How can it not mat­ter…. Well, ok, it does mat­ter a lit­tle bit, but the end point pales in com­par­i­son to how you get from post A to B. The expe­ri­ence of A to B is it!
More­over, being a par­ent has strength­ened this in me!
(At this moment you may be think­ing I am mak­ing no sense… please bear with me…)
I have known for a long time where my end lies (well, since I under­stood the con­cept of death)… in a sense you can say I have known my life’s spoil­er from a very ear­ly age… My life will end like every­one else’s, when I die. And so will my son’s and every­one else’s…. 
If we sub­scribe to the con­cept of spoil­ers — if I know who won a race it is not worth watch­ing the race — it must fol­low that if I know how my life ends it is not worth living! 
Ok… sure­ly that is a bit dra­mat­ic… but the spoil­er is real­ly just a mis­di­rec­tion to dis­tract peo­ple from what real­ly mat­ters: what takes place in my life is infi­nite­ly more impor­tant that dying at the end… 

What does this mean then?

Well, for­get about spoil­ers… for­get about being wor­ried about the end and bring your atten­tion to NOW. Use your ener­gy, your resources, your focus, your pas­sion, your com­mit­ment, your best to be aware of what is going on in the present moment for it is the time the best time to influ­ence so that you can get to the end. 
This applies at all lev­els. For exem­ple, if I know Rossi wins this race, will you enjoy the video below less? I high­ly rec­om­mend you watch the video on the link below and ask your­self this ques­tion… does know­ing the win­ner make this less enjoyable?
If it does… then be care­ful. Bring more atten­tion to the expe­ri­ence you are hav­ing as opposed to what hap­pens in the future. Be present in the present
If it doesn’t, then ask your­self if you suf­fer from spoil­ers else­where… and, well my rec­om­men­da­tion, is for you to stop being dis­tract­ed by the end and focus on the now!