Hi guys… this week­end I was help­ing out the UK teach­ers in their annu­al eval­u­a­tion and I was inspired to write to you guys about the very impor­tant les­son to be had from this.

In the DeRose Method every teacher needs to have a year­ly eval­u­a­tion so that they can main­tain their cer­tifi­cates. This eval­u­a­tion con­sists of a the­o­ret­i­cal, writ­ten exam as well as prac­ti­cal exam in which you show­case your knowl­edge, skills, abil­i­ties, and tech­niques. It is one of the hard­est process­es I have ever encoun­tered in any profession.

Pro­fes­sor DeRose cre­at­ed this tough year­ly process because it is a very effi­cient way to ensure qual­i­ty and con­sis­ten­cy across the globe. It is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to stim­u­late indi­vid­u­als to keep devel­op­ing their pro­fes­sion as well as adding new knowl­edge and shar­ing of experience.

When I was at Ipsos this process inspired me to cre­ate an cer­ti­fi­ca­tion process for a high lev­el insight acti­va­tion work­shop. For a coun­try to be cer­ti­fied they need­ed to pay (out of pock­et, not out of project) for me to vis­it the coun­try 3 times to deliv­er the work­shop. It was impor­tant that the coun­try was pay­ing this out of pock­et as it showed the country’s will­ing­ness to invest in the train­ing of its own employ­ees, mak­ing my local resources even more recep­tive to what they were about to learn. Dur­ing the first trip I would take over the process and show the local team how to do it, on the sec­ond I would share the duties and on the third I would most­ly be an observer.

If they did this cor­rect­ly they would be judged to be cer­ti­fied to exe­cute this methodology.

What I feel that Prof DeRose’s process does (and what I tried to do also) is to cre­ate a sys­tem that teach­es through the eval­u­a­tion process. In the DeRose Method the eval­u­a­tors are 3 more expe­ri­enced teach­ers who help the per­son eval­u­at­ed to up their game, teach­ing in the process. What I tried to do in Ipsos was to eval­u­ate and train at the same time!

So why is this use­ful for you?
Well, first­ly, most of you read­ing this are peo­ple who work with oth­er peo­ple. You prob­a­bly have, or will have, issues with qual­i­ty con­trol and be faced with the ques­tion: “how do I make sure to deliv­er con­sis­tent quality?”

The process that Pro­fes­sor DeRose cre­at­ed for his teach­ers is real­ly pow­er­ful and inter­est­ing. Cre­ate a way of eval­u­at­ing and teach­ing at the same time!

So give this a thought…. Is there a way that you could improve qual­i­ty, cre­ate a qual­i­ty con­trol process and have this process become a teach­ing tool too?

If you have doubts or you want to talk about it please write com­ments below!