​Aurora Project

Walk the path with us...

"We are what we've been waiting for”.  

People lovers. Awareness freaks. Founders. Visionaries. Parents. Children. Future ancients. We are committed to being truthful and seeking more clarity to this moment of ubiquitous change. We find in ourselves and each other the wisdom to face what clarity reveals, and then the courage to make the changes required.

We are looking forward to meet fellow foot-pathers.

​Looking for a quiet spot, in touch with nature to run your retreat, team-building or workshop?

​@Aurora we are ready to customize your experience!

​In touch with nature

​Inside the Natural park of the Alentejo ​​region, surrounded by the many crystals of Troviscais makes Aurora a place deeply connected with Mother Earth.

​Affordable Infra-structure

​W​e focused on simple and comfortable. ​While the focus is attune yourself, we want you to feel cozy.

​Multi-lingual Support 

​Between the four of us we speak English, French, German, ​Spanish and Portuguese

​Focus on your workshop! ​We deliver the rest.

​Let us run the logistics - receive guests, ​serve meals, pick-ups and drop-offs, snack breaks..

​Looking for a place to start your healing journey?

​Choose a Coach from different walks of life!

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​Experi​ence ​various healing techniques

​We are connected with many talented healers from the region and will set up all appointments for you, take you there or bring them to you.

​Have a look at ​some of your options!

​Master degree in Systemic work, family constellations and ritual, studied social pedagogic work in Holland.

​Received Reiki training from a Maya shaman.

Works with coaching, energy healing, family constellations, work with the medicine wheel and guided soul retreival meditation.

​Irene Janssen

​Facilitates coaching sessions with horses.

​Become part of the herd, working intuitively on any theme with a gentle approach

​Francine Burghooen

​Shaman, , 

​Roberta Soares

You hear a call? We ​heard it too!

​Is it a need for immediate changes to your life? Is it a sense that something is missing? Is it your body telling you: your life-style is not sustainable?

Is it a distinct impression that we are our of sync with our planet? Is it an understanding that we want to change current trends and old legacies? Is it a concern of what life will be like for our future generations?

​We are
​Marcus, Sabine Roberta & Gus

We are on the footpath too. This project is here to offer a location integrated in nature for all journeys: individual, family, group, and corporate.

We are here to offer support and hold a space for that search you are going through. Do you need a hand with conflict resolution, with trust and leadership, with exploring your connection with yourself, others, and nature?

Or just looking for a place to carry through your calling?

We are ready to customize an experience and assist you in your journey. Get in touch with us.

​Where we go one, we go all!


​​​for your visit

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