Layers of consciousness

f we want to improve per­for­mance we will need a frame­work to help us to do so. So in this arti­cle I am going to share one of the most impor­tant frame­works I have learned in my 15+ years at the DeRose Method. This will form the foun­da­tion of the work and maybe — if I can com­mu­ni­cate it prop­er­ly — you will feel like I did, mind blown…. this is far from the only way to express this infor­ma­tion and there is also a per­son­al take on the infor­ma­tion. If you want to know more, as always, you can con­sult DeRose’s vast archives. 


OK so let me start with a flat­ter­ing pic­ture of me! hahahahha


OK! there you can see me… well… you can see some of me, phys­i­cal­ly and fig­u­ra­tive­ly. And this is real­ly impor­tant for the top­ic at hand. 


What you can see in the pic­ture above can be called Dense Phys­i­cal. It is made up of my skin, mus­cles, bones, my beard, etc…  But is this all of me? If this was all of me, then what would make me dif­fer­ent from a boulder? 


The answer clear­ly has to be that this is not all of me. What you can see, the Dense Phys­i­cal, can be defined as a lay­er. Note: there are many oth­er terms that can be used here, which, if you decide to go deep­er into learn­ing and prac­tic­ing the DeRose Method, you will dis­cov­er and under­stand, but for right now, it is just going to make this arti­cle too long… 


So if the Dense Phys­i­cal lay­er is not all of me what else is there? 
If this lay­er was all of me then I would be a corpse, real­ly no dif­fer­ent than a boul­der… but the fact that I am alive (and writ­ing this) is a tes­ti­mo­ny that there must be more! 


The next lay­er can be defined as Phys­i­cal Ener­getic. It is com­posed of the elec­tric sig­nals, the heat, the mag­net­ism, the ener­gy which pow­ers the Dense Phys­i­cal. This is lay­er exists and it takes up rough­ly the same area as the Dense Phys­i­cal body — pos­si­bly a lit­tle more as heat and mag­net­ism can extend beyond the lim­it of the skin — please note that there is no hocus-pocus or hip­pie ener­gy busi­ness here… this is the very ener­gies described in Physics. There is a pat­tern between these two lay­ers which is real­ly pow­er­ful, and it will also help us to fur­ther our under­stand­ing of this process… this pat­tern is one of DENSITY


The Dense Phys­i­cal lay­er is very con­crete. You can see it with your eyes, you can feel it, you can poke and prod it, you can inter­act etc. How­ev­er, the Phys­i­cal Ener­gy is less dense. You can­not see it with your naked eye, you can­not touch it… but it is pos­si­ble to inter­act (If you have nev­er inter­act­ed with this ener­gy send me a mes­sage on the com­ments and I can share a very sim­ple exer­cise to make you aware of this ener­gy). Let me just make sure that this is real­ly clear…. There Dense Phys­i­cal lay­er is unques­tion­ably the dens­est, all oth­er lay­ers will be more sub­tle and this has real­ly impor­tant implications…


Right! So we have the first 2 lay­ers…. is that all of me? No… there are more. The next more sub­tle lay­er is the EMOTIONAL. At this point there is usu­al­ly some argu­ment, so let me tack­le this quick­ly… this is not the ONLY frame­work, it is a very USEFUL one. I did not cre­at­ed this frame­work, if you want to read the source mate­r­i­al which expos­es this let me know and I can pre­pare you to dig deep in to your stud­ies in philosophy!


Right, back on track. The Emo­tion­al Lay­er is com­posed by… well… emotions…and it is much more sub­tle than both pre­vi­ous lay­ers. Let’s explore this a lit­tle… The sub­tle­ty rela­tion­ship works like this: in order for you to per­ceive and expe­ri­ence a lay­er you need the denser lay­ers to be sta­ble. So let us test this…. imag­ine that you are feel­ing very tired and low on your ener­gy reserves… and then walk­ing back home you sprain your ankle… sud­den­ly the pain jolts you and makes the Dense Phys­i­cal total­ly unsta­ble. The result? Would you still feel tired or is that sense of low ener­gy van­ished and been replaced by some­thing denser? The same is true for emo­tions. Imag­ine that you are not feel­ing great and you go out for a run. This will de-sta­bi­lize your Dense Phys­i­cal again and pos­si­bly your ener­getic at the end. The result? Like­ly the emo­tions will not be as intense or even have dis­ap­peared all together. 


Alright, just a quick sum up… So…. We under­stood dif­fer­ent lay­ers. We under­stood the rela­tion­ship between the lay­ers gov­erned by sub­tle­ty. Have dis­cussed briefly the con­cept of sta­bil­i­ty (or lack there­of) which I will deve deep­er short­ly. And we have seen 3 lay­ers: Dense Phys­i­cal, Phys­i­cal Ener­getic and Emotional. 


The fourth lay­er is the Ratio­nal. Now this can be a bit com­plex to define and my favorite and sim­plest expla­na­tion goes like this… Your Ratio­nal is the result of using one of four tools: intel­lect, asso­ci­a­tion, mem­o­ry and log­ic. If you are pro­cess­ing infor­ma­tion using one or more of these four then this is the Rational. 


How­ev­er, not all infor­ma­tion is ratio­nal… there are things we know that we did not have any pri­or knowl­edge or mem­o­ry…. that we sim­ply know… say a gut feel­ing. This infor­ma­tion is in the next lay­er: the Intu­ition­al. This is infor­ma­tion which we have not used the four tools above, but we “know” just the same. 


So how can you access this information?
Well if we fol­low the sys­tem we dis­cussed so far of sub­tle­ty it becomes a sim­ple exer­cise of under­stand­ing sta­bil­i­ty and insta­bil­i­ty. The more sta­ble each lay­er is the eas­i­er it is to per­ceive the next!


So what makes a lay­er sta­ble or unstable?
Well, the insta­bil­i­ty of each lay­er is gen­er­at­ed but its activ­i­ty… If you are run­ning, or doing some for of exer­cise, or even just trekking but you need to stay focused on your foothold… then the Dense Phys­i­cal lay­er is unsta­ble. If you are com­fort­able and your body does not demand your atten­tion, then this lay­er is sta­ble! Notice that sta­bil­i­ty it is not about ignor­ing (not being con­scious of) the lay­er, but rather, it is about com­fort and not spend­ing resources on it. Sim­i­lar­ly, for your Phys­i­cal Ener­getic, your Emo­tion­al, your Ratio­nal… for all your lay­ers… this is how it works!


Alright! we are going to use this frame­work a LOT and maybe build upon it more in the future. For now this post is already quite long so I will leave it at this point! If you have ques­tions or com­ments… just click below and leave me a note!