Dealing with Failure…

Today I want to talk about how to man­age fail­ure and suc­cess in a way to extract the best from each situation.

In my expe­ri­ence, to evolve, it is impor­tant to learn from both sit­u­a­tions. In the same way that suc­cess is the direct result of some­thing hav­ing been done in the cor­rect way, fail­ure tru­ly expos­es the mis­takes and errors that pre­vent­ed suc­cess. How­ev­er, it is real­ly impor­tant to know that if we can learn to accept and to deal with fail­ure we can evolve very quick­ly, and we may even be able to ful­ly real­ize the oppor­tu­ni­ties that arise in these moments.

In my case, there has been no sig­nif­i­cant project that I have start­ed which did not cause me fear! Some of them in fact, real­ly fright­ened me… but I suc­ceed­ed in this very way, filled with fear! I may laugh now as I write this arti­cle but on the moments that I need­ed to act, this fear could be so strong that would freeze me… some­times it would even pre­vent me from tak­ing any action… it is a tremen­dous force that we need to unleash to be able to achieve greatness.

The turn­ing point is not fail­ure… but rather, it is in the abil­i­ty to man­age fear of fail­ure, fear of the expec­ta­tions (yours and from oth­ers), fear of the idea we may have of suc­cess and even of the idea/image that we want oth­ers to have of us…

As we have seen before, fail­ure can open up amaz­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty win­dows and it can help us to sur­pass our own dif­fi­cul­ties and lim­i­ta­tions… But if this is so, what pre­vents us from achiev­ing what seem to us as great ideas? What makes us miss fan­tas­tic oppor­tu­ni­ties? Or even pre­vents us from achiev­ing a dream or desire?

I would that that in 90% of the cas­es it is this darned fear!

I believe that we need to debate and talk about fear itself, and we will do this soon, maybe on a post about emo­tions and how they can impact our actions and decisions…

Any­way, what I want to fin­ish up here shar­ing with you is that what mat­ters most to have the life of a suc­cess­ful entre­pre­neur is to define suc­cess, what is suc­cess for you? Clear­ly this will be unique for each per­son. For some it may mean some­thing finan­cial while for oth­ers it may be the num­ber of peo­ple helped by the project. For yet anoth­er it may be hav­ing a good home and a car, while anoth­er may define suc­cess as being able to have a phil­an­thropic project and a foundation.

For each one of us there may be a unique def­i­n­i­tion of suc­cess, they may be infinite!

Anoth­er aspect is to deal with fear. Fear of fail­ure… fail­ure is nat­ur­al, it hap­pens to every­one, if it is not hap­pen­ing right now, it will in an instant… An impor­tant step to learn­ing to man­age this fear is to real­ize that for every fail­ure there will be a new oppor­tu­ni­ty aris­ing. More… a fail­ure may devel­op with­in a new capa­bil­i­ty to allow you to fly even higher!

Win­ston Churchill said: “Suc­cess con­sists of going from fail­ure to fail­ure with­out loss of enthusiasm.”

Do it! Accept the risks of suc­cess, for just as it can go glar­ing­ly wrong, it may also be an astound­ing success…