the DeROSE Breathe App

Over 2.5 hours of free Training

In this app you will have over 2.5 hours ofaudio training and 8 videos to learn the mechanics of breathing and train to optimize your own breathing. 

Less than 5 minutes

Each of the trainings is less than 5 minutes long. This quick training also has the benefit of helping you to clear your mind and be able to do more after each training. 

2 trainings per day

Customize the app so that you can train at the best times for your day.

Live chat

Live chat allows you to talk to a human teacher at any point you want.

Before we can benefit from breathing exercises we need to learn to breathe!

Fabs Martins

The Story of this app

How did I get into the DeROSE Method?

Back in 2000 I had just moved to South America with the objective of helping to open a new office of the company I was working for in NYC. I had little idea of the amount of work that would entail!

Within months I was working 20 hour days, weekends, trying to setup a company, build a team, create and implement processes as well as trying to manage clients and deliver beyond their expectations

Needless to say, this level of work and pressure got to me and I felt that I needed to find something to help me manage it all. That s when I discovered the DeROSE Method and I learned how to not only manage, but to be able to operate at a higher level!

I liked it so much I became a teacher!

Fast forward to 2008 when I graduated as a DeRose Method Instructor and combined working full time as a Global VP and teaching. This was an important moment for me. In the past I could barely cope with being a team member starting a business -- contrast that with working on a global role for one of the largest market research companies in the world and starting a DeRose Teaching business at the same time!

In addition to having increased my personal capabilities, I was now qualified and gaining experience at how I could teach this to others. 

Sharing with even more people

It is now almost 20 years in the Method and over 10 years teaching. In this time I was involved in starting new schools in London, to open my own school in NYC and to pioneer how to teach online. 

Together with other fellow teachers we have made it now possible to share what we have learned and applied in our lives with even more people.

This is why I developed the BRTHE app, so that others like me can discover and experience the DeROSE Method for themselves and experience the benefits.

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