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Everything we do together builds towards empowering you to achieve your objectives quicker, more efficiently and enjoying the journey. 

Atze K.

Entrepreneur and Sportsman

"Working with Fabs has set the basic attitude for me to build my business. I use what I learned with him every day to maximize my success as a sportsman and businessman!"


LearnTeach and Share

Fabs has been a DeROSE Method Teacher since 2008, he has over 15 years corporate experience and is an entrepreneur. 

The focus of our work is your objectives

This is what drives me, to continuously learn and become better, to be able to teach others everyday and to share and connect opportunities

Achieve Your Objectives

Our work is about focusing on your own objectives and to develop the ideal physical, emotional and mental conditions to achieve them.

Increase Your Performance

Do you know those days when you are at your best? We will work together to understand how this state of focus and performance is attained, how to be able to turn it on at will and to live in a state of high performance.  

Theory and Practice

The basis of our work is not just talk. The work is about upgrading your mindset as well as train techniques you can use everyday to become the best version of yourself. 

About Fabs

Fabs has a very unique experience. He has worked and lived all over the world, in Brazil, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Portugal, London and New York! He has worked for 15 years in market research, the last 5 were as Global Vice President,  running a BU in 86 countries. At the same time, Fabs started practicing the DeRose Method, a Human Performance Method, in 2000 and credits his corporate success to the application of this Method. In 2008 Fabs became a teacher of this Method, and in 2013, together with other teachers, he co-founded the DeRose Method TriBeCa.

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Read what some of Fabs' students say about the work:

Carol F


Fabs is a formidable man. I had the pleasure of meeting him in such a crucial time and he had helped me going through challenges in such a light and precise way, I had no other way but improve in many ways. Practicing DeRose Method with him is a delight he's so passionate about the teaching you get to merge with him into this passion, I had fallen in love with the method in a way I haven't before and it changed me from inside out. I have only good words to say about this caring and amazing person, I wanna call him a friend forever.

Marcelo M


Fabs is an exceptional person. Very clever and skilled, his many qualities make his work be excellence. He's a leader that makes the difference in his team, delivering great value. In addition, his good mood and sense of humor contribute to elevating the people to a higher performance. I have been privileged learn from and do business with Fabs.

Chante R


Fabs helped me through my transformation with his teachings and unequivocal motivation he has shown me the techniques to help me see that I can truly do anything! My future is abundant with opportunity, growth and to have my potential realized. 

Des f

Race Car Driver

Fabs' vast experience and lessons have helped me to get the best out of myself on a race weekend. Not only is he a wonderful teacher, but also a great friend and I would recommend him to anyone looking to excel in their sport or business.

Alex S

Entrepreneur and Racer

I have been working with Fabs for some time now , not only do I have a great teacher that makes every class enjoyable, I have a great friend that pushes me on to achieve so much more than I thought was ever possible.

Thiago P


I've first met Fabs in 2013 during my studies en NYC...Our daily meetings were really amusing and productive. I've learned a lot with his personal experience and his networking helped me a lot!I left the big apple with two certainties: I will get back soon and that I've gained a lifetime friend.

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