An intelligent way to develop your body

This is part one of a three part sequence. 
Hi every­one 😀
St. Paul's School ... My old school :)
St. Paul’s School … My old school 🙂
When I was young, in High School, around 15 years old, I tried to do every sport I could. I tried every­thing that there was on offer at my school from Ath­let­ics to Swim­ming to Bas­ket­ball and many oth­ers. The one which I enjoyed the most was Ulti­mate Fris­bee which I played for many years… In order to do these sports I had to be fit. I did all the train­ings and I went an extra mile by adding gym ses­sions when­ev­er I could.
Dur­ing my Uni­ver­si­ty I was one of the found­ing mem­bers of the University’s Ulti­mate Fris­bee team and I played my heart out for them through­out my Uni. Then, as I start­ed work­ing, I joined a local Ulti­mate cham­pi­onship and I was on the first team in a tight cham­pi­onship. I was real­ly chuffed for help­ing the team win the nation­al cham­pi­onship! At the post tour­na­ment par­ty I had promised to allow the team to shave my hair and they did! Fond memories…
Every sin­gle work­day I actu­al­ly sup­ple­ment­ed all of this by going to the gym and run­ning for 20 min and then cycling for 20 min… as fast as I could to make my car­dio work out real­ly tough… My rou­tine was to go to the gym at lunch, grab a sand­wich post gym ses­sion and eat at my desk work­ing… it was worth it for my phys­i­cal shape. For all intents and pur­pos­es, at that time, I was in a top shape. 
And then I tried a DeRose Method class (my first — which I still vivid­ly remem­ber). My teacher was slight­ly podgy, slight­ly on the heavy side. I was told that there was going to be a phys­i­cal part and I thought I would nail it. Add that to the slight roundish frame of my teacher and I was sure I would breeze through it! Lit­tle did I know… 
I have to be hon­est… I had my behind hand­ed to me. By the end of the class there was a pud­dle of sweat where I had been… at moments dur­ing the class I shook so bad that I was wor­ried! I had nev­er expe­ri­enced that… You are excused for think­ing that the teacher must have suf­fered too, right? Wrong… She was smil­ing through­out while kick­ing my behind… As best as I can recall she put me in my place, after hav­ing wiped the floor and laughed at me… superla­tives do that day no jus­tice… you would have need­ed to be there… hahahahha

So how could it be that a fairly fit person could be so pushed?

Well, the phys­i­cal ele­ment of the DeRose Method is real­ly that intense and pow­er­ful. But more than that, it is also super com­plete, bal­anced and helps to avoid injuries. As a teacher I have had the same plea­sure that my very first teacher had, to make very fit peo­ple won­der how the hell can they not keep up. One of the most mem­o­rable was an Olympic speed skater who could not keep up with me! (ok I will stop blow­ing my horn now….)
So how does it work?
There are two ele­ments that make this phys­i­cal por­tion so powerful: 
  • Rules of execution
  • Bal­anced sequence. 
The com­bi­na­tion of these ele­ments is what cre­ates the incred­i­ble results we observe from dif­fer­ent prac­ti­tion­ers and teach­ers of the DeRose Method. Below is a video os a teacher from Brazil. This is the result… 




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