What makes us special?

We lead you on a journey of self-discovery in which the theory provides the 'why' and the practice provides the 'how'.

360 Approach

Like a gardener prepares the soil for planting, we nourish all aspects of your life, so that reaching clarity is faster, easier and fun.  


We have been teaching meditation for 60 years, long before it was in vogue.   

Body and Mind

We know that clarity is more easily achieved when harmony exists between the body, the emotions and the mind.  We help you develop stability in each area so that creativity, intuition and productivity can flourish.  


for you

Our approach is always tailored for you.  Whether in small groups or privately, we will construct the perfect program to meet your needs.

When I started taking DeRose method classes with Amanda at Safri, I was doing acupuncture, talk therapy, and yoga trying to relieve pain and improve my life. From my first discussion with Amanda, it sounded like I could drop all of that.  I did and I never looked back. Physically, I hurt less, and I am stronger and more flexible.  My motivation has grown with my strength.  Amanda has taught me how to set realistic goals and to be more focused on achieving them. As a result of this, I am emotionally more stable and professionally more productive and satisfied. In December I started my own law practice after practicing law for 16 years. I am so grateful for all Amanda and the DeRose method have done to help me on the path to improving my emotional and physical wellbeing.

Kate s

Trademark attorney & entrepreneur

I have been practicing the DeRose Method for over a year. I take class twice a week and practice on my own. The first time I noticed an improvement in my physical state was when I went on a hike in the mountains. Going up hill, my heart rate surprisingly remained low and I noticed an increase in my lung capacity. I have also noticed an improvement in my flexibility, balance, and concentration. What I found to be helpful mentally, was an increase of the awareness and control of my emotions. Amanda is a wonderful teacher and creates a great atmosphere. Her instructions are clear and helpful. She is also cheerful, knowledgeable, and most importantly: encouraging. I am grateful for these weekly experiences that have enriched the quality of my life.

maria d

tennis pro

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